Yurukill present Mystery meets striking action


Yurukill: The libel games revolve around Sengoku Shunju, a man who wakes up in a cage cell without remembering how he got there. Suddenly, a masked woman named Binko appears in front of him and explains the Situation: “delinquent, Sengoku Shunju: convicted of executing! He is serving a 999-year cage judgment. This is by far the longest judgement of all our delinquents!”You have to survive the various “attractions” in a particular “amusement park”.”If you succeed, your crimes will be forgiven.

“No, you misunderstood everything, I was wrongly condemned! I’m innocent!”Sengoku claims that he is innocent of the crimes he is condemned of, but what complicates things is the appearance of the victim of one of his alleged crimes: a woman named Rina Azami.

Sengoku is condemned of arson and execute – the pass away of 21 people by cremation, including Rina’s family. And now he is in the land of Yurukill, the above-mentioned amusement park, where condemned delinquent (delinquents) and victims of their crimes (executioners) must unite to cope with their twisted attractions and trials.

In addition to Sengoku, there are four other groups of delinquents and their respective executioners who are found in the land of Yurukill: the Deadly Duo, the cunning assassins, the cunning stalkers and the Peeping Toms. Six delinquents and five executioners participate in the games, which consist of a total of five teams.

The delinquents hope to meet the challenges so that they can be pardoned. But if the executioners win, their desires will be fulfilled and they will finally be able to avenge their loved ones. Along the way, all sorts of secrets will appear when the teams face each attraction.

Mystery meets Action

Yurukill presents a unique blend of puzzle solving and intense striking action. Players come and go between filmy moments of intense dialogue and high-octane striking games that put their minds and reflexes to the test. Although each stage has its own twists and turns, the following attempts are usually present in each of them:

Escape adventure: explore the attractions and find clues and evidence to prove your innocence.
High-speed quiz: delve into the details of your alleged crimes by flying through a futuristic subspace.
Shoot’EM Up: Put your pilot skills to the test while finishing enemy ships, dodging strike and collecting Power-Ups while deciphering the details of the matter in flight.
Synapse of Prejudices: Use the evidence you collect during the stages of the adventure to finish the prejudices that are hiding in your mind and free them from the idea that you, the delinquent, are guilty.
Labyrinth of Thoughts: Complete the judgements of each incident and make your way through the labyrinth of thoughts.
Boss action: Survive the interrogation of your tormentor and prove your innocence. Explode the defenses and weapons generated by doubts, assumptions and the will of the executioner to impose yourself and reveal the truth!

The Creators of Defamation

Of course, the unique offers of Yurukill would not be possible without a team of talented minds and creators. The writing of multi-level stories was written by Homura Kawamoto, known for his work on the Kakegurui Manga – compulsive Gambler, and Hikaru Muno. Together, they masterfully weave a network of mysteries and intrigues, interspersed with an intense dialogue between complex characters, for which players learn to take root and condemn.

The gameplay of Shoot’em Up (“Shmup”) is just as captivating, with the famous developer G. rev taking control of these sections. Formerly of Taito (G-Darius, RayStorm), the G. rev team quickly made a name for itself with an impressive catalog of high-quality Shmup titles, bringing the same level of Commitment and excellence here. Anyone who likes Arcade-style top-down striking games that put their reflexes to the test will feel right at home in Yurukill.

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