Tunic Is Coming to PS5 and PS4 This Year


Stranded in a ruined country and armed with their own curiosity, they will face colossal beasts, collect strange and powerful objects and reveal long-lost secrets in Tunika, the acclaimed Action role-playing game developed by Andrew Shouldice and a team of stars who contributed to Chicory: a colorful Tale, Cuphead, Celeste, Night in the Woods and Dustforce.

Tunika’s journey began in 2015 with Andrew Shouldice from Halifax, who remembers with love the deep shared experiences with strange and unfathomable video games before the age of the Internet and sub-Rom fan Hacks. What is this strange object that I just found? How do you beat this weird boss? Who is this old Man in the Cave? Is this creature an enemy? Also, How Can you handle this experience for … recreate everything?

Thus, Shouldice, who led the vast majority of the level design, characters, puzzles, animations, action, programming, lighting and story of Tunica, started with the prototyping of a small orange triangular hero that had the charm of a classic retro protagonist, but a series of movements inspired by the heroes All that was left was to create a “small” world that the fox could explore…

… As well as an incredibly detailed game guide that simultaneously serves as a puzzle book (or triple strategy guide), with strange notes from a previous owner. It is difficult to summarize how the manual works in this game without spoiling some of the most interesting puzzles that video games have long had to offer, but it is full of information, joy and secrets.

The last step was to assemble a team of brilliant employees to bring the lush world of the tunic to life. Rebekah and Adam Saltsman (Finji) joined long-time employees Kevin Regamey (Powerup Audio), Terence Lee (Lifeformed) and Felix Kramer (Burndown Productions) in 2017 before inviting top artist and programmer Eric Billingsley, Finji’s wonderful QA and marketing staff, ICO’s public relations team, 22nd Century Toys porting engineers and various other geniuses to the party.

While the Tunic is designed as a single-player adventure, there are so many things to tell and so many puzzles to solve that you’ll want to keep a dedicated party open so that your smartest friends can help you crack the most difficult secrets. In addition, we design the game help content for PS5 so that it always starts with the sweetest nudges so that you don’t get spoiled, even if you are completely deceived by one of the horrible bosses or ancient puzzles that defile the Kingdom.

While the tunic is heavily inspired by the extremely difficult games of our past and present, it also includes a number of options that allow players to customize the action challenge according to their interests without compromising the fun of action wild monsters. Players can disable some of the more technical aspects of action or even activate a “No Fail” mode. If

you are new to the Action-RPG genre and you are still learning the ropes, playing your first real adventure with a boy, tired of a long work week, or are mostly just here because of the awesome puzzles.

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