Share Factory Studio Launched New Version


Hello PlayStation Fans! We have an exciting new update for our free Share Factory Studio editing app for PS5. We’ve been working hard to bring you our brand new feature called Bits, and it’s live as of today.

Bits is a simplified way to customize Gameplay Clips and screenshots and share them with your friends on PS5. Choose from one of the many organized bit styles to quickly create your own Version of a well-known or fashionable Mems. If you have your own idea, use the simple quick edit mode to realize your Vision. In any matter, the new simple editing mode is ideal for beginners and professionals.

Bits is also the perfect companion for the recently released Game Captures feature in the PS app. All the Bits you create in Share Factory Studio are automatically accessible from your phone and then shared with your favorite social apps.

The new Bits editing experience includes the following features:

  • A brand new editing mode with quick and easy access to all editing features and new content that can be added to your Bit.
  • Ability to create a bite-sized conversation ranging from short three-second bounces to one-minute custom bits.
  • New bit styles updated regularly by our Bits Live service. Bit styles are updated based on the day of the week, special events, holidays, seasons and trending content.
  • New animated sticker sets with sound and even text customization options.
  • A new Doodle feature that allows you to create free-form Doodles using the DualSense wireless controller.
  • A new Voiceover feature with the ability to add filters that change your voice to your voice recording.
  • Our goal with Bits is to make it super easy and fun for PlayStation players, to create and share short-form Gameplay videos to share achievements, jokes, stunts and other eye-catching content. Some of our favorite tracks are Taco Tuesday, end of Sitcom, get well and of course-Oh, no laughing matter.

Share Factory Studio is available for free to all PlayStation players. If you have not yet installed Share Factory Studio, you can use the search function in the main menu of your PlayStation to find and install the application.

We hope you enjoy the new Bits feature for Share Factory Studio on PS5. We can’t wait to see the different parts that the community will create. Have fun Sharing!

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