Recreated the Iconic Heroes for Marvel


Of course, when creating these new costumes, we wanted them to be unique, but it was also important to keep certain characteristics so that the heroes were easily recognizable, even during intense action sequences. Our first Midnight Suns action suit designs had a medieval, somewhat Arturian look, but we eventually opted for a slimmer combination of old and new, which is a testament to the powerful combination of Stark Technology and the Magic of Doctor Strange.

Strange’s glyphs appear on filigree gold armored plates, which are used next to sections of Stark’s black ballistic plastic. On top of that, the new costumes emit a magical hellfire! Our goal was to make them look like supernatural powers — a modern variation on traditional superhero costumes.

Below are examples of how we designed costumes for some of the midnight suns, as well as clues about the abilities that unlock the new Stark and Strange costumes in the game.


Our color blocking of the red and blue sections goes a long way in making Spider-Man instantly recognizable. We also made sure that the design of the strap was right; it has a specific shape, design and rhythm. This also applies to his animations, which have a distinct acrobatic style and involve incredible and extreme poses.

To match the aesthetics of Marvel’s Midnight Suns, we added sharp dagger-shaped patterns to the chest, back and arms of Spider-Man’s costumes and used similar shapes when designing his Spider symbol. Even in his black and gold action suit, Spider-Man is undeniable, as he uses his characteristic midnight sun ability-polishes himself while jumping in the air and striking iconic poses with a hellfire behind him.


For the Magik costume, which has a Punk style, we were inspired by comics like Ghost Rider & Blaze: Spirits of Vengeance from 1992. Magik didn’t appear in those comics, but her supernatural ability to teleport through space and time would have made her awesome. To align his look with that of the original team of these comics, we added a black leather rivet vest, a belt and a bracelet to his New Mutants costume.

Magik’s black and gold midnight sun action suit is inspired by the magical Eldritch Armor she wears in the New Mutants and other comics. It turns you into a high fantasy medieval heroine that matches your soul sword weapon of your choice very well. Wearing this costume unlocks Magik’s powerful Dark Chylde ability, which allows him to mock all enemies at the same time and temporarily become Invulnerable.


We decided to base Wolverine’s costume on its 90s brown-brown leather interior because we hadn’t seen it in many other games. The most important aspects of his look that we wanted to pin down were the shapes of his classic claws and helmet wings that, along with his bulkier body type, set him apart from the rest of the midnight suns.

For Wolverine’s Midnight Sun action suit, we provided shoulder pads, forearms, and boots with sharp shapes. We also expanded the wings of the helmet and added sharp shapes to the lines of the panel on its rib cage. The resulting Look is reasonably wild and corresponds to the ability that Wolverine has access to in this costume: his wild nature appears as he lets his claws ignite and strike several enemies in a frenzied rage.

Phantom driver
To design the Look of Ghost Riders in Marvel’s Midnight Suns, we were inspired by the aforementioned Spirits of Vengeance comic book series, as well as its appearance in the brand new Ghost Rider series starring Robbie Reyes, launched in 2014. His head is transformed into a metal skull that simulates the lines of his classic Muscle car, while his costume is based on those of the racers.

With its exaggerated Ghost Rider symbol and silhouette-shattering golden armor, Robbie’s Midnight Suns action suit makes him look even more like a demonic spirit of revenge. He also unlocks his terrible rigid penitence ability, which allows him to take control of an enemy’s mind before blowing them up with hellfires.


Believe it or not, one of our main inspirations for Tony Stark’s Iron Man suit was a legendary Italian sports car from the 80s, which is far from as crazy as it sounds, given Stark’s catchy attitude and penchant for expensive cars. The resulting sharp, pinched edges and large ventilation slots give our Iron Man suit a distinctive look, but most importantly, do not make it less recognizable.

Stark’s Midnight Suns action suit, on the other hand, has exaggerated features to highlight his abilities. We have improved the silhouette of the armor by spreading the forearms, hips and legs, and we have flames coming out of his arc reactor that turn into a huge column of hellfire when he uses the midnight sun ability of the suit to strike multiple enemies with a powerful beam.

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