Latest Version of Street Fighter Is Insane


Revealed as things stand, Street Fighter 6 will be launched in 2023. Experience a whole new era of street fighting with elegant mechanics to express your creativity, lively characters and new modes that reinvent the fighting experience. Street Fighter 6 is packed with content and more gaming possibilities for everyone – whether you’re new to the fighting game community or have been a part of it since Street Fighter 1987.

Thirty-five years in the making, the Street Fighter series has welcomed Fans from all walks of life with different gaming experiences. From Arcade mode, online matches, training mode, local fights and much more (everything is in the action zone), we are bringing modes that were present in previous titles-plus two new modes called World Tour and action Hub – to Street Fighter 6 to offer an unbeatable gaming experience.

Classic Street Fighter for a modern era

After our trailer in February, we hinted at a more hyper-realistic look for Street Fighter 6. We are proud to announce that this new entry in the series will be developed on Capcom’s own re engine, previously used for Resident Evil 7, Resident Evil Village and Devil May Cry 5. With the RE engine, you will notice improved graphics in all aspects of the game. Beads of sweat roll on the skin, muscles contract when used, and cherry petals float and swirl in harmony with the movement of a character. Combine this graphic upgrade with the explosive paint splashes and the eye-catching Graffiti treatment, and you will get a different art style from Street Fighter 6.

Meet the first characters

And what would Street Fighter be without its iconic roster of characters? In Street Fighter 6, Ryu, Chun-Li and Luke return, all redesigned for this new era. They are joined by a brand new face, Jamie, who will add his own Flair to the game with his unpredictable move set–based on drunken boxing – which includes Breakdancing and the sound of a drink being unleashed by the ai.

Luke uses his background as an entrepreneur for a private military company to teach Mixed Martial Arts. He spends his days off eating junk food, playing video games and challenging his opponents to a good old fight. He always has victory in his sights.

Select the trains:

  • DDT – a powerful throw that activates after the first hit of an Overdrive lightning bone (OD). Useful if you want extra damage guaranteed.
  • Deadly Shot-triggers an additional shock wave after an OD sand blast to deal more damage after exchanging projectiles.

A system of struggle for creativity

With each new street fighter come mechanics that you can master to reach the Top. We present to you the drive system, a measuring instrument that you have to manage intelligently and that is full of creativity. You can use The Training indicator to perform five different techniques that can easily improve your Offense or defense.

A training impact is a powerful blow that can absorb an opponent’s incoming strike and lead to a wall splash. Use Drive Parry to repel your opponent’s strike and replenish your Drive indicator. Break a Drive-Parry or normal Drive-Rush strike to quickly get closer to your opponent. Overdrive arts are similar to the EX moves from previous games that strengthen their special moves. Use The training inversion to perform a counterstrike and get out of confined situations. One gauge, five techniques, unlimited possibilities. Use your creativity to decide which technique to use and when. Everything is in your hands!

A modern control mode for everyone

For those who are worried that the action game entries are too complicated and only want to unleash their inner fighter, we have a solution in the form of a new Option for control types. First of all, the classic control type is what veterans can expect with its six-button layout for input. The novelty of Street Fighter 6 is the modern type of control, which allows simpler inputs where a special movement can be performed by combining the “special movement” button with a directional input. This is perfect for new players or those who have found the classic command entry a bit too difficult in the past. With the modern control type, your character performs some of his most striking (and best) strike with a few clicks. The modern control type is optional, but we strongly recommend that new players try it out!

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