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America’s hero is back! Guile returns in Street Fighter 6 when it comes out in 2023 – bringing his endless bragging rights with him. As a pilot of the US Air Force, fighting for his country, Guile managed to dismantle Shadaloo and avenge his friend Charlie Nash. Although he enjoys family life, a new mission is now waiting for him.

Guile’s move set in Street Fighter 6 combines his signature moves with fresh additions. He is a powerhouse of a character who retains his ability to keep opponents at a distance. Splashes of green and yellow paint cover the stage when Guile uses the propulsion system, recalling the colors of his classic look.

Guile’s Sonic Boom and Somersault Kick (Flash Kick) will make their triumphant return in Street Fighter 6. What would Guile be without you, right? Sonic Boom is Guile’s main projectile ability and moves across the stage, while Somersault Kick is an instant upward movement that can protect against strike from the air.

Guile’s sonic blade from Street Fighter V returns as a special move rather than a V-skill and sees him placing a stationary air vent in front of him. Sonic Blade can then be turned into a two-hit projectile in combination with Sonic Boom. Let’s go through all three of Guile’s super arts, which reflect his journey as one of the most famous warriors in the world!

Sonic Hurricane (1 share) – Guile was introduced in Street Fighter Alpha 3 and fires a massive air strike right in front of him. When used with a heavy blow, the air vent fires diagonally upwards as a good air defense option. An extremely versatile move that can be used in combos to counter projectiles or to turn the tables when put under pressure.

Solid Puncher (2 shares) – Introduced in Street Fighter V as Guile’s V-Trigger I, solid Puncher is now a super art. Guile envelops both arms with air strikes and allows the use of Sonic Break, in which a barrage of small sonic boom projectiles can be triggered simply by pressing the impact buttons.

Crossfire Somersault (3 Shares) – As a brand new super art, Guile puffs up his chest and fires a massive air strike that throws the opponent into the air before performing a brutal somersault kick.

In previous games in the series, Guile’s iconic stage was located at a base on the ground. For Street Fighter 6, put on your life jackets, because his stage is now playing on an aircraft carrier anchored at sea. Complete with airplanes, a multicultural collection of flags and a bevy of cheerful spectators, the stage has been reworked by Guile to accommodate the new era in which it takes place. How does his stage fit into his story this time?

That’s it for now, when it comes to our coverage of Guile – who remains a Chad! Street Fighter 6 is scheduled to be released on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 in 2023.

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