F1 Manager Will Launch This Year


It’s incredibly exciting for the entire Frontier Developments team to be working on a title for a Sport that is becoming more and more popular. With a new generation of drivers, captivating scenarios and sensational Action on the circuit taking Formula 1 to new heights, we are delighted to give everyone the chance to enter this exciting world of motorsport.

More people than ever are interested not only in the cars and drivers of an F1 team, but also in the whole team and the whole process that fuels the revolutionary performances that we see on the circuit. By using the Frontiers experience to design deep, nuanced and rewarding management experiences, we allow players to see the details of a successful builder and then give them the keys to control everything as a team leader.

Whether it’s setting up a racing strategy for your drivers, using your Budget to expand your facilities and develop your car, or looking for new recruits in the database of real drivers and staff, the fate of your team is in your hands.

As you can see, there is a lot to do with F1 Manager 2022 – far too much to cover in one post! First of all, let’s shed a little more light on the role you are going to play on race weekend. As a team leader, you spend a lot of time doing things off the track, but you also control many factors of how Formula 1 looks on the track – all in an authentic broadcast-quality experience that allows you to watch the drama from all angles.


Every F1 racing weekend starts with training sessions that start on a Friday. This is valuable travel time for your team, especially for your drivers, in order to prepare for the coming weekend. Just like in real Sports, in F1 Manager 2022, whenever your cars are on the track, you have the opportunity to collect data and seize opportunities in your favor. During three training periods, you can test your cars to evaluate their performance, improve your drivers’ familiarity with the circuit and the new parts they have installed, and get feedback on the configuration of each car. Since your team also has a reserve driver’s seat, you can even put this replacement driver in one of your cars for a training session to promote his development.

The art of the flying trick

Here things become more competitive. F1 qualifying sets the starting grid for the race, and slip-ups here can seriously hinder your optimal strategy for Sunday. Qualifying is about giving your drivers the best possible chance to race as fast as possible, which is easier said than done.

Race day: strategy for success

A solid qualification means you are in good shape for Sunday’s race, but there is still a bit of preparation. Use the data and knowledge gathered to formulate a race strategy for your drivers that dictates pit stops, tire selection and even the strength of your drivers to push during each relay.

Throughout the Action on the track in F1 Manager 2022, you get a series of information and options in an authentic broadcast-quality presentation to keep an overview. Switch between the on-board and ground cameras of each car, watch the live times of the entire field, keep an eye on the track conditions and much more to guide your team to the finish line. Ask your race engineers to give specific instructions to your drivers, such as: spare your tires, stay away from curbs and do not clash with your teammates. Many of the real drivers and engineers in F1 Manager 2022 even have real audio calls that you will hear as the Action unfolds.

Your race strategy can be adjusted at any time, which can be crucial, as each race can provide unpredictable moments that team leaders must respond to. From a sudden rain to an accident highlighting the safety car, a reliability problem or even a red flag stopping the race, you must be prepared to adjust your approach on the fly in the event of an incident. Take care of all this and use all the options that we haven’t even scratched the surface here, and maybe you’ll just finish the event when your drivers party on the Podium.

Move every decision forward

Finding your way to glory on race weekends is just the beginning of your role as a team leader in F1 Manager 2022. between races, you are responsible for expanding your team’s headquarters, developing new car parts, maintaining team morale, finding and hiring the best talent, maintaining the mood of the board by meeting expectations and much more.

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