Casey Jones Re Enter in the Game


Casey Jones joins the team

Since Shredder’s Revenge is a real blue Beat-em-Up, it was unthinkable for us to work on this game without involving the main New York vigilantes with sports motives. Even if the athletic ace of the 1987 animated series is largely absent, Casey is one of the turtles’ most memorable allies, loved by Fans of all incarnations.

Always ready for the fight against crime, Casey carries a gym bag full of tricks that allow him a variety of rude maneuvers. Fred Gemus, designer of Shredder’s Revenge Game, said: “He may be slower than other fighters, but his repertoire of sticks and clubs not only gives him a variety of strike, but also a lot of range and power.”Like a good rogue, Casey Jones enters the game, ready to inflict pain on his opponents!

The director of animation for Casey Mathieu Godet tells us: “We quickly came up with the idea of Casey’s almost “magic” golf bag, from which he can pull any sports equipment, be it a racket, a metal baseball racket or a hockey stick.”

Aaron Manzano, 2D Animator, explains: “At the beginning, Casey’s mask was a challenge for his facial expressions, so we had to make him more expressive through his gestures, and I think we did a good job! We also wanted him to feel heavier and stronger than the turtles without compromising his athletic mobility.Godet added: “We also thought that Casey, like Raphael, would also borrow some moves from professional wrestling. We gave him a nudge where other characters do a diving shot.”

Whether it’s a Slam or a Combo finishing elbow drop, the crusaders are fighting with the tip of the crop as if no referee is watching! It was important for the unlimited intensity of the character to meet his athletic movement. Casey gives it everything! Mathieu Godet adds: “As he comes from New York, we even gave him some colors of his hometown when he performs his Super Slam Dunk Move.”.

The six Clams

The multiplayer factor has always been a very special part of playing TMNT games.

Fred Gemus, Game Designer, points out that from the very beginning, an experience for six players was planned: “We wanted to involve as many people as possible in the Action.

Every aspect of the game, from the ratio to character and level sizes, was designed to support this decision.”When you and your friends start using the team moves and the various Ninja power strike, there is no doubt that the half-decker heroes and their teammates will win the day! Shredder’s Revenge will be available with up to four players locally and six online. For Online Multiplayer, each Player needs his own Console and his own Version of the Game.

As soon as they beat the game for the first time, the masked vigilante comes off the bench and joins Raphael, Leonardo, Donatello and Michelangelo, Master Splinter and April O’Neil.

We are very excited to put this beloved bat in the action and we can’t wait for Fans to unleash their own kind of sporting Mayhem on the foot clan when Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge is released on PlayStation 4 on June 16th.

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